Madhav Agro Food Pvt. Ltd. as successfully developed the brand Pasand Pickles assuring quality. We are one of the leading pickle manufacturer located in Vadodara, Gujarat - India. We manufacture curried paste, chutney, sweet and lime pickles. We suffice the Indian blend of taste in pickles. Baroda Jambusar Highway, Dabhasa,
Madhav Agro Foods Pvt. Ltd. - Prominent manufacture of a diverse range of Pickles, Chutneys, Syrups, Cooking, and Culinary Pastes

Fruits and vegetables are procured from the nearby town market of Padra. Supreme quality ingredients are used for our recipes.

Best quality spices and condiments are used since they are at the heart of our recipes and quality, especially red chilli powder taking care of aflatoxin testing, microbial parameters and primary characteristics like heat value and colour value which impart muscle to the quality in the product. Potency of flavour imparting ingredients like Asafoetida and Mustard is checked regularly.

Oil, another important ingredient is tested for its chemical parameters, so are other important spices and condiments as per fssai standard.

Fruits and vegetables are procured bearing in mind their variety and to impart uniformity between batches and avoid variation arising due to inherent natural disparity between lots of purchased vegetables. We stress on color, size, region and take efforts to minimize or almost nullify deviations and fluctuations in final products.

Water an important processing aid and an ingredient, is checked as per IS standards and EU regulations.

A robust QA is associated with the purchase. All incoming ingredients like fruits and vegetables, spices, condiments, etc are inspected and only after a rigorous QC check are allowed to enter the process flow to make the final product.

Moreover, each and every lot of purchased fruit and vegetable undergoes rigorous washing and sorting and QC check to its product batch.

A robust supplier evaluation and monitoring makes it impossible for suppliers to send sub-standard ingredients out of specifications.