Madhav Agro Food Pvt. Ltd. as successfully developed the brand Pasand Pickles assuring quality. We are one of the leading pickle manufacturer located in Vadodara, Gujarat - India. We manufacture curried paste, chutney, sweet and lime pickles. We suffice the Indian blend of taste in pickles. Baroda Jambusar Highway, Dabhasa,
Madhav Agro Foods Pvt. Ltd. - Prominent manufacture of a diverse range of Pickles, Chutneys, Syrups, Cooking, and Culinary Pastes

The team has evolved the unit into a vital food company that aims to garner a significant market share in the international markets.

Chandresh Shah

Focuses on ethical working, stress on quality, timely delivery and overall customer satisfaction. He trains and ensures that the values of quality and safety remain inculcated in the attitude and behaviour of the staff and workers and reflect the true ethos of the Company.

Prakash Patel

Ensures that product quality, food safety and timely delivery don’t become mere promises of the Company. He ensures effective implementation and execution with astute administration, good leadership and constant motivation.

Neel & Vatsal Shah

They have inherited the indispensability of product quality for overall success and long-term growth of the Company. They have opened up new avenues of the Company by introduction of automation, e-retail, digital marketing, new technologies and new products.

Support Staff

They vitally back the quality and safety policies by their effective communication and compliance. They flourish in the Company’s congenial environment imbued with a sense of duty; they shoulder the responsibilities and have propelled the growth of the Company over the years, with their hard- work and dedication.

Over the years, the Company has been nurtured by a team comprising of diversely skilled and experienced personnel in their domain of expertise that include: engineers and architects, taxation & finance consultants, HR & business excellence experts, marketing & branding professionals. We consider our many distributors and foreign buyers spread over the country and across the seven seas as our team with whom we share our growth story.