Madhav Agro Food Pvt. Ltd. as successfully developed the brand Pasand Pickles assuring quality. We are one of the leading pickle manufacturer located in Vadodara, Gujarat - India. We manufacture curried paste, chutney, sweet and lime pickles. We suffice the Indian blend of taste in pickles. Baroda Jambusar Highway, Dabhasa,
Madhav Agro Foods Pvt. Ltd. - Prominent manufacture of a diverse range of Pickles, Chutneys, Syrups, Cooking, and Culinary Pastes
  • Mango Pickle

    A mixture of luscious green mangoes with well-grounded spices makes it the king of pickles.

  • Mixed Pickle

    A variety of meticulously selected vegetables are mixed to offer a sharp taste and zest.

  • Sweet Lime Pickle

    Made from the best sun-ripened limes and blending it with grounded spices makes it a sweet and sour affair.

  • Green Chilli Pickle

    A tantalizing mix of green chilies boosts the sensitivity of the flavor buds and is an answer to a spicy appetite.

  • Gorkeri Pickle

    A traditional Gujarati sweet raw mango pickle that is prepared with fresh season mangoes, along with methi, mustard seeds and jaggery.

  • Chhundo Pickle

    A delectable combination of shredded raw mangoes and red chillies, making it a sweet-spicy delight.

  • Stuffed Gunda Pickle

    A delicious traditional vegetable pickle made stuffing gunda with a spiced mixture of pickling spices, grated mangoes, and oil.

  • Gondaliya Red Chilli Pickle

    High-grade quality Gondal Red Chillies, spices, condiments and oil are chosen to make this pickle a great combination of sourness and spiciness.

  • Garlic Pickle

    A yummy hot and spicy pickle is made using Garlic Cloves and Red Chilli Powder to make a truly delicious and healthy pickle.

  • Katki Pickle

    Sweet mango pickle from Gujarati Cuisine that tickles your palate with the pieces of mangoes inside it!

  • Methi Mango Pickle

    Finger licking spicy pickle is made with fresh raw mango and coarsely crushed fenugreek and mustard seeds.

  • Chana Methi Pickle

    A very popular spicy and salty pickle from the state of Gujarat. This tangy delicious pickle is made with soaked fenugreek seeds and black chana.

  • Mango Murabba Pickle

    Sweet and tangy preserve made from raw unripe green meticulously picked mangoes.

  • Lime Pickle

    Made from superior seasonal limes wrapped in a delicious blend of authentic spices. Tangy, sour and spicy in flavor, an ideal accompaniment to zest up any meal.

  • Kharek Pickle

    A traditional Indian sweet and spicy pickle is made of dry dates and can be relished with your routine meals.

  • Dabla Pickle

    The stuffed mango pickle is a variation of raw mango pickle to surely leave you licking your fingers, with its pungent and sour taste.